10 types of Jobs you can get with a CDL


What is a Commercial Driver's License?

A CDL or a Commercial Driver's License is required for driving commercial motor vehicles. This license is necessary for any driver who is operating commercial driving equipment or types of heavy machinery. There is a misconception that truck driving is the only thing that can be done with the CDL. Truck driving is just one of the many career options which can be taken from the CDL, and with more certifications, there are more options. Therefore, in this article, we have listed jobs that can be obtained with the CDL.

Commercial Truck Driver

Commercial truck drivers haul goods from across the nation, therefore you will pick up goods from your state or from different state lines. You are going to haul goods of all varieties ranging from food, produce, machinery, or medical equipment. You can also work at an in-house commercial truck company or work as an in-house delivery driver. Typically truck drivers need Class A CDL for beginning their career as semi-truck drivers.

Driving Routes as a Long-Haul cargo driver

Cargo drivers are typical truck drivers in view of the public. These drivers haul goods across long distances. The career choice of hauling cargo freight is very profitable, but it must be kept in mind that you will be away from your home for long stretches of time. Cargo drivers are in high demand and they comparatively make high wages.

Bus Driver

The bus drivers can operate buses and several other commercial vehicles. Bus drivers can operate in metropolitan areas or suburban areas where they can transport people to other cities or other states. These bus drivers are also allowed to operate school buses with the correct CDL type.


If you own or lease a truck it allows for the freedom of choosing your own routes. As an owner-operator, you are entitled to pick and choose hauls that serve as most profitable for you and your business. There is more freedom in this career path as you are your own boss, but you will also oversee fuel, repairs and other miscellaneous expenses. The owner-operator's wages are on the higher spectrum for the drivers.

Hazmat Driver

The drivers of hazmat endorsements carry hazardous, flammable, explosive, and corrosive materials. The Hazmat drivers receive very high wages than other drivers due to the implied effects of risks and dangers of the job. If you opt for a career as a hazmat driver, you need a special kind of endorsement namely hazmat endorsement. For information about operating a hazmat class

Delivery Driver

The companies like FedEx, Amazon and UPS are in high demand and business as these days people want to get things rapidly after placing the order. The drivers who work in this job will be transporting things like food, clothing, furniture etc. Therefore, this career path is carrying a lower average wage due to comparatively shorter routes of hauling and at the end of the day, you will be going home almost every day.

Concrete Truck Driver

For becoming a concrete truck driver, you will be requiring a Class B CDL license. Usually, these jobs are local and it means that you will not be far away from your home. All the truck drivers make an effect in the trucking business and build a community of customers around them; therefore, the concrete truck drivers deliver a significant impact on the community.

Operator of Heavy Equipment

In the construction zones, the owner-operators are only responsible for operating heavy-duty equipment. Therefore, they are required to obtain CDL licenses for the equipment they will be operating. If operating heavy commercial vehicles in the construction zones, you can go forward and apply in the direction for your heavy vehicle Class A Commercial Driver's License.


The Dispatchers handle clients' calls, coordinate with deliveries, and relay the necessary information to the truck drivers. For becoming a successful dispatcher, you are required to have strong interpersonal skills which are necessary for developing interaction and coordination with both clients and drivers. The CDL is usually not required for this job, but if you carry on-the-road experience you will serve as an in-demand candidate for the role.

Terminal Manager

A CDL is usually not required for the terminal manager, but it helps, and it will show you the requisite ins and outs of the truck driving industry and therefore, you can assess every situation from a position of knowledge. When you retire from driving trucks or you want to step back from driving trucks you work as a terminal manager carrying years of experience as a behind-the-wheel individual, you will be most ideal for it. For working as a terminal manager, you will oversee logistic aspects of truck driving and you will be needing to implement solutions in each moment of time.

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