Doubles And Triples Endorsement Test California


After taking the commercial driver's license (CDL) written test, there will be an opportunity to apply for the endorsement tests. The certification of additional endorsements supports the driver to operate different types of trailers. CDL doubles and triples tests allow the driver to operate commercial vehicles with more than one trailer. Therefore, these CMV can also be referred as the long combination vehicles (LCVs).The commercial vehicles with two or three trailers can transport more truck loads at once. The transportation of more freight grants the truckers higher payments. The double triple endorsements help with the better job opportunities if they are wished to be explored.

Reasons Why So Many Drivers Add Endorsements On CDL License

  • The endorsements never expire, and after passing the test the endorsement remains on the CDL forever.
  • It supports the expansion of capabilities and abilities as a truck driver. The endorsement embraces the driver to attain more driving experience and develop more professional skills. With more experience, as a driver you can apply for better job opportunities and haul a greater number of loads.
  • The Triples(T) endorsement will broaden your driving opportunities by allowing you to haul a maximized number of loads. Therefore, the companies pay triple and double good salaries because of the greater hauling capacities.
  • The triples and doubles endorsement are relatively easy to acquire and are like taking a written exam. The exam is not expensive and the subject matter is brief. The fees of the examination range from $0 to $50 depending on the state.

How To Earn The Doubles/Triples Endorsement?

These 4 steps will help you in easily earning your doubles/triples endorsements.

Get your Class A CDL: It is mandatory to have CDL a license to successfully operate triples and doubles. Before working with Triples and doubles endorsements it is important first to acquire the CDL.

Prepare for the endorsement exam: It is necessary to clear the written endorsement exam to attain doubles/triples endorsement on your CDL. Preparation of some of the following topics will help you in getting through the state's exams.

  • Proper Operation of vehicle that hauls multiple trailers
  • Assembling and coupling/uncoupling of trailers
  • Inspection of semi-trucks and trailers
  • Handling the vehicle that hauls multiple trailers with stability.
  • Driving in adverse conditions
  • Tackling common problems in traffic which include long passing times, impacts of splash and sprays, steep grades, blockages in view, aerodynamics, and lateral placements.
  • Safe reactions in emergency situations.

Apply For The Written Triples And Doubles Endorsement Exam

Your living location determines your application for a written endorsement exam at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), third- party testing site or in some remote location. Currently no state requires a road-skills test for the T endorsement. It is strongly recommended to go for a CDL doubles and triples practice test before applying for a real test.

The written test in most states consists of 20 questions and every driver must attain a score of 80%, which means 16 correct answers to successfully get a T endorsement.

Some of the examples of test questions are:

  • Where is the heaviest trailer in the set of triples?
  • Why should you never disconnect the pintle hook with the dolly which is under the rear trailer?
  • What is it called when the rear wheels follow a different path than the front wheels when the vehicles go around the corner?

Therefore, when you take the test there is a testing and licensing fee. The cost of fees is usually around $0- $50 varying according to the state that you are tested in.

Conventionally Practice Hauling A Double Or Triple Trailer

It is important to pass the double triple trailer written exam to successfully obtain the endorsement. After earning the endorsement, it is necessary to input the written knowledge practically on the road. Prior practice of coupling and driving doubles and triples can brighten your career prospects. Some of the states require their driver to practice under the supervision of an expert before they start making any deliveries. It is recommended that you allow yourself plenty of time for familiarity with the movements and handling of double or triple trailers and equipment before you get yourself on the road.

Utah Truck Driving School offer specific and expertise CDL training for triple and double trailers, so that when you step in dynamic trucking industry, you are confident and skillful in hauling multiple trailers.